Bankruptcy & Insolvency

we can initiate and defend bankruptcy and winding up petitions including;-

  • >Serving stator demands
  • >Applying to have statutory demands set aside or injunctions against
  • >Drafting and presenting petitions
  • >Attending petition court hearings

Personal Bankruptcy

  • >Application for reconsiderations of bankruptcy orders
  • >Validation orders
  • >Bankruptcy annulment
  • >Protection of assets and retention of title
  • >Transactions at an undervalue and preferences
  • >Disclaimers – making an application for a vesting order and advising upon the impact of the disclaimer
  • >Advice about bankruptcy restriction orders (bro)and bankruptcy restriction undertakings (bru)
  • >Income payment orders
  • >IVAs

Corporate Insolvency

  • >Advice as to preferences and transactions at an undervalue
  • >Disclaimers
  • >Directors duties – wrongful trading and fraudulent trading
  • >The impact of insolvency on the company and company directors
  • >Injunction to prevent initiation and advertisement of winding up petitions
  • >Injunction to prevent the advertising of insolvency petitions
  • >Protection of assets and retention of title
  • >Phoenix companies and potential liability
  • >Disclaimers – making an application for a vesting order
  • >Directors disqualifications and undertakings
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