Family Law

Our Family Department offers a sympathetic and confidential service in relation to all of your family-related legal problems. Our friendly, professional and experienced staff will offer their advice and assistance in the best way that we can. We understand the stress, heartache and loneliness that can be involved at this difficult time. Whether it is divorce, financial provision, matters concerning children or any other Family Law related matter, we offer advice tailored to your particular needs on a personal level.

We seek to encourage settlement rather than court litigation to resolve family disputes wherever possible.

We can advise on:


  • >Nullity and Judicial Separation
  • >Arrangements for children following a Divorce or Separation
  • >International Divorce
  • >Dowry Claims
  • >Advice on Hindu Marriage Act

Financial & Property disputes

  • >Agreeing financial settlements
  • >Ancillary Relief including Pensions
  • >Freezing orders
  • >Child maintenance
  • >Cohabitatees / unmarried couples
  • >Pre nuptial agreements
  • >Property disputes for unmarried couples
  • >International issues

Domestic Violence

We can advise in emergency situations and out of hours on Domestic violence and abuse between family members and or related persons. This may include advice on:

  • >Injunctions
  • >Occupancy of the family home
  • >Powers of Arrest
  • >Enforcement
  • >Contact groups offering support
  • >Children Private Law

In times of emergency, we can offer same day appointments and attend court to obtain injunctions. We provide sensitive and realistic advice to those in need to help after suffering domestic violence or harassment.

Other Family matters:

  • >Parental Responsibility
  • >Disputes between unmarried couples
  • >Contact and Residence Orders
  • >Prohibitive Steps Orders
  • >Issues relating to children
  • >Specific Issues Orders
  • >Adoption
  • >Child Abduction
  • >International elements to matrimonial proceedings
  • >Civil Partnerships and breakdown

Sharia Law

  • >Divorce
  • >Haq Mehr
  • >Forced marriages and nullity
  • >Contracts
  • >Prenuptial agreements
  • >Wills
  • >Children
  • >Adoption/guardianship
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