We are closely associated with several countries and are able to advise applicants in various countries on making entry clearance applications to come to the UK as well as the application of English law to other jurisdictions.

We have successfully represented clients from the following countries:

  • >Canada
  • >New Zealand
  • >India
  • >China
  • >Nepal
  • >Zimbabwe
  • >Pakistan
  • >Philippines
  • >Australia
  • >Bangladesh
  • >Hong Kong
  • >Africa
  • >Namibia
  • >EEA
  • >Myanmar
  • >USA

India Legal Services

We offer a specialised service in this area and can advise on:

  • >Indian Powers of attorneys and deeds
  • >Sponsorships
  • >Overseas Citizenship of India applications
  • >PIO Cards
  • >Surrender Certificates
  • >Advice on Indian law
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